By Mika Deshmukh

Joe Van Gogh is quite frankly a Duke University institution. We line up on the daily for lavender lattes, dirty chais, and iced coffees, usually succumbing to the tempting case of baked goods sourced from Durham establishments like Scratch and Guglhupf. Well, kiss your food points budget goodbye because I’ve got another JVG offering that’s going to rock your world, this time in a healthier way. I took the plunge and finally reviewed the three fruit and veggie smoothies listed on a small card next to the register that I’ve been eyeing all semester. These three smoothies feature flavorful blends of fruits and veggies to make filling drinks packed with way more nutrients thanyour usual JVG mocha and scone combo. As the weather gets colder and the semester gets more stressful, it’s important to fuel your body with vitamin-dense vegetables. Try one of these smoothies out and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how delicious and satisfying veggies (and fruit) can be.

For the reluctantly health-conscious beach-lover: Mango, orange, carrot

This smoothie is reminiscent of a beach vacation. The delicious blend of mango and orange tastes distinctly tropical, and you can’t even taste the carrot. This is the ideal choice for those just looking for a yummy smoothie that isn’t too adventurous. My least favorite of the three, but mostly because I am not a huge fan of orange in smoothies.

For the greens and flavorful food enthusiasts: Peach, ginger, spinach

Definitely more unconventional than the mango smoothie, this drink features a bold combination of flavors that still gives off a predominantly peach-y taste! Have no fear, the smoothie doesn’t taste like spinach at all, but there is a subtle green flavor that stops the peach from being too sweet. I love the zing of the ginger; it gives the smoothie a subtle kick with lots of health benefits too!

For the adventurous foodies: Black currant, raspberry, beetroot

This smoothie has the most unique, but least-fruity flavor of the three. Because of the black currants and raspberries, it has a much tarter flavor. The taste of beet is definitely strong, but it becomes less earthy and a little sweeter paired with the raspberry and blackcurrant. While this smoothie may not appeal to the less adventurous, I loved it! It’s such a unique combination of fruits and vegetables and I wasn’t overwhelmed with fruity sweetness like I am with most smoothies.