Campus Grocery List 10.28.16

Mika Deshmukh

As we approach November, most of us are probably thinking the same thing: how am I going to spend all of my food points before this semester ends? Even if you’re on Plan A like I am, it’s difficult to meet your daily food point quota, between eating out in Durham on weekends and skipping breakfast before your 8:30s. Lucky for you, I’ve scoped out five delicious items you can pick up around campus and store in your room in case of lazy weekends, late-night munchies, etc. 

1. West Union’s Cafe—Alta Palla Sparkling Drinks

      I haven’t personally tried one of these fancy sodas, but I’ve seen so many people around campus drinking them. If you’re addicted to sodas and are upset that West Union doesn’t let you get your Coke or Sprite fix, try one of these. The grapefruit flavor looks so refreshing.

2. Bella Union—Tate’s Bake Shop Cookies

      Yes, I know that packaged cookies are not necessarily the best most of the time (I’m looking at you, Chips Ahoy), but Tate’s will change your mind! These thin cookies are crispy and rich and taste like were baked just a few hours ago. I’ve only tried the standard chocolate chip flavor, but the peanut butter cookies looks very enticing. Beware, once you start eating them, it’s hard to stop!

3. Bella Union—Ghirardelli Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree Bar

      This chocolate bar is just decadent enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without sending you into an all-out food coma. Dark chocolate and sea salt is already a heavenly combination, but add some almonds in for brainpower and you’ve got a superfood sweet treat! Ghiradelli is such a quality chocolate brand; you might as well spend those extra food points on one of these bars instead of a Snickers from the Link vending machine.

4. Joe Van Gogh—Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal

      My requirements for my go-to breakfast food are that it must be tasty, healthy, and filling. And because of my 8:30 MWF class this semester, I need a quick breakfast to take on the go. The Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal at Joe Van Gogh is essentially amped-up oatmeal, coming in four unique flavors. My personal go-to is the Goji Cacao flavor, which satisfies my sweet tooth thanks to the pieces of cacao nib in it. Vigilant Eats emphasizes quality, clean ingredients, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting much more nutrition from this oatmeal as opposed to other oatmeals, which are full of sugar and additives. Grab one before class or keep them in your room in case you’re in need of a late-night study break.

5. Joe Van Gogh—Big Spoon Roasters Bar

      The foodies on campus most likely already know about Durham’s own Big Spoon Roasters—you all are probably just as addicted to their nut butters as I am. (I literally cannot stop eating their Ginger Almond butter.) Big Spoon Roasters sources each of their ingredients carefully from around the world and then makes their products by hand. These bars are their newest products, and I can tell you from personal experience that they are just as delicious and addictive as their nut butters. Take advantage of being able to buy them on food points—yes, they’re a little pricy for a “granola bar,” but your body is going to thank you for the nutritious, clean fuel.

        F O L L O W   U S !