Anna-Karin Hess & Katelyn McCracken


Cuisine: Hybrid of Eastern and Western BBQ

Keep in Mind:

  • Limited Parking - but you'll still be seated quickly and graciously attended to. 
  • Relatively noisy atmosphere due to open kitchen and bar. 
  • Full menu is available at the bar. 

Vintage aspires to meet upscale at this recently opened restaurant. Picnic puts a modern spin on the traditional BBQ shack with a menu that includes all of your favorites like whole hog BBQ, fried chicken, and creative cocktails.

Taste Test:

The Eighth Day: A yummy cocktail featuring sweet tea and pear liqueur, this drink demonstrates what Picnic is trying to achieve - imaginative twists on classic favorites. Just sweet enough with a hint of pear, this drink is reminiscent of a hot North Carolina summer.

Brunswick Stew: More acidic than your typical Brunswick Stew - you've got to be a vinegar lover to enjoy this restaurant’s version! With a flavor very similar to their BBQ sauce, the chefs may or may not have dumped in a healthy dose of their pride and joy. Nonetheless, the generous amount of meat keeps you coming back for another spoonful.  

Pulled Pork: This thickly cut pork is nice and smoky, but a little dry. Don’t be shy with their East/West hybrid style BBQ sauce - The vinegary tomato mix is absolutely delicious and will moisten the pork. The cole slaw side is finely shredded and much less “mayonnaise-y” than most. We love it!

Hush Puppies: We love them for the super light and airy taste (hard to come by), but could do without some of the grease. 

Bacon Braised Collards: Large leafy greens meet an addictive mix of acidity and sweetness. Order them.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Sorghum Glaze: Nothing crazy here, just some super sweet and cinnamon-y potatoes. They’re your dessert before dessert. 

Fried Chicken Platter:  Fried to perfection with a thick-but-not-too-thick layer of batter and a moist and tender inside, this is exactly what every fried chicken-lover dreams of. Served with a spicier (read: HOT) version of Picnic’s own BBQ sauce, this dish is sure to light you up.

Creamy Mac & Cheese: The “creamy” modifier for this side sets high expectations that fail to be met. While the taste is great, the texture leaves something to be desired. Think mac & cheese, heavy on the cheese, light on the cream.

Baked Beans: Beware! These are not your traditional baked beans. Made with red kidney beans instead of your traditional navy beans and chilli powder instead of brown sugar, Picnic’s baked beans seem more like chili than the traditional BBQ side. 

Chocolate Chess Pie:  Not our favorite chocolate chess, notably for the lack of a truly chocolatey taste. We would have liked a more caramelized caramel, but the addition of fresh whipped cream is always appreciated.

Ginger Lime Layer Cake -With the texture of a pound cake and the shape of a layer cake, this rich dessert is meant to be shared! The hint of ginger in the buttercream icing complements the lime of the cake nicely. However, your calories are better spent elsewhere on the menu.

The Verdict - A great place to go with friends to get off campus. Hopefully their recent opening explains the scarce decor and minor food hiccups, but it’s definitely worth a trip. With attentive servers and quick service, you’re sure to enjoy your experience.