Mika Deshmukh

Coming from Chicago, I was worried that Durham would be a boring small town lacking the art, music, and food scene that I had so cherished back home. Oh, how wrong was I. As I’ve learned in the past five months, Durham is a funky, foodie town with a lot to offer as far as art and music go. And while Marketplace brunch is a college student’s dream, I prefer to venture out into the Dirty D for my favorite meal. Today, three friends and I tried out brunch at The Durham Hotel for Moogfest’s Disco Brunch. For those of you who don’t know, Moogfest is held every May in Durham; it combines creativity and technology conferences during the day with music performances at several venues in the evening. Moogfest also holds events throughout the year, one of which is its Disco Brunch series. Disco music pumping, with cool Afro-beats and classic songs, I had a blast brunching with my girls. The Durham Hotel offers an outstanding combination of nontraditional and classic brunch dishes, all with beautiful flavors and presentation. I’d definitely recommend the Disco Brunch experience—stay tuned in to Moogfest’s Facebook page for the location and date of February’s Disco Brunch.

Menu .jpg

I loved The Durham Hotel’s minimalist place settings and menu.

 Even though it was close to 70 degrees, this hot chocolate still hit the spot.

This delectable pastry board has a buckwheat sugar cake; two malted barley and candied ginger scones; and three fresh fig bars.

How could you resist this dynamic duo?

This savory main dish had spicy baked eggs, drunken beans, guajillo chiles, and warm, fresh corn tortillas. 

Deviating from the typical Southern brunch fare, this Asian-inspired dish had wild NC shrimp, McDowell County rice, chili oil, greens, and a soft boiled egg.

As simple as it looks, this waffle tasted extraordinary with the housemade NC apple butter and sweet maple syrup.

I chose to order the Artstigators Avocado Toast (Duke, represent!), which perfectly complemented the Pastry Board with the savory flavors of scallion, lemon, black pepper, and seeded rye.