Mika Deshmukh

When it comes to eating out, I’m a creature of habit and I’m not afraid to admit it. I always order the polenta farmers market burger at Bull City Burger, my standard order at Tijuana Flats is a veggie black bean burrito with a side of guacamole, and I strictly buy Siggi’s yogurt despite the array of options at Whole Foods. I know what I like and I don’t like to take chances when it comes to food. Fosters Market, however, is an entirely different story: a cafeteria-style mecca for people who like quick fresh food.

While it’s open all day, I would definitely recommend going to Fosters for brunch. There are chalkboards crammed with different types of breakfast dishes, warm sandwiches, and smoothies, along with glass cases of pastries and giant cakes. Every day, a different omelet special and pancake flavor is offered, in addition to the regular fare. With all the equally amazing options, it’s impossible to maintain my habits at Fosters. Since it’s difficult to choose what I want to order, I like to try different menu items whenever I brunch there.

Here are my recommendations:

1. The German chocolate cake : Divine, but that’s probably not the brunch suggestion you’re looking for (unless you’re a proponent of the “dessert for every meal” principle like I am).

2. The standard breakfast menu: Various combinations of eggs, potatoes, and a biscuit - always a sure bet. Fosters’ potatoes are crispy and seasoned, complementing any style of eggs and the buttery biscuits that accompany them.

3. The fruit smoothie menu: Features flavorful combinations, if you’re seeking a healthier option or accompaniment to your meal.

4. The pancakes of the day or the omelet special: Consistently the best flavor combinations you could imagine.

In short, Fosters is one of those places that will keep you coming back again and again, tempting you with their mouth-watering menus and consistent quality.