Bon Appetit Magazine named Durham “America’s Foodiest Small Town” in 2008, and there seems to always be a new food truck, stand at the farmers market, or beer festival popping up downtown. Students are constantly swapping recipes, recommending favorite dishes from local restaurants to one another and reading online food blogs. The Bite, our student-run food magazine, focuses on cooking and everyday food that’s relevant and manageable for college students, yet also entertaining and delicious. The magazine has some constant features like a recipe section, a best-of Durham page, and a how-to guide, along with many seasonal, unique spreads. In addition, we aim to spark a discussion about food related social issues, such as hunger, or farm-worker inequality. The magazine is vibrant and visually pleasing, filled with photographs, graphic designs, and illustrations. 

The magazine provides many students the opportunity to show off a wide range of their existing talents, but also to learn new skills. The Bite recruits writers, graphic designers, illustrators, editors, cooks, photographers, recipe-writers, and marketers. 

The major benefit for the Duke community comes from the joy of reading the magazine, trying out the recipes offered, visiting new restaurants seen on the pages, and perhaps even conquering the challenging act of successfully cutting an onion without crying after reading the how-to guide. The Bite furthers the food conversation started on Duke’s campus in an organized and fun way.